Welcome to Morgan's Place!

Jul 12 2010

May 16 2009

New adult!

Meet our Ultimate Desire in our “As adults” page devoted to our grown kittens!

May 03 2009

Site update

King’s page is finally online!!!

Una giornata a Morgan's Place
Just another day at Morgan’s Place :)

Morgan’s Place is a small Maine Coon cattery entitled to Morgan, our sweet brown tabby mackerel housecat who is our mascotte.

While surfing our web site, we recommend you to read something about our breeding philosophy, our breeding goals and to know something more about us.

If you have further questions we were not able to answer in these pages, you can contact us to the phone numbers and e-mail address you can find at the Contact page.

Morgan’s Place is a TICA registered cattery that shows also in traditional ( ANFI/FIFe ) and is located in Ponsacco (20km from Pisa), Tuscany.