Our philosophy

Since the beginning of our breeding project, we have decided to manage a small size cattery and so we like to keep it. We breed for the privilege of keeping and taking care of this wonderful cat breed, without renouncing to a fixed idea: breeding will never mean the physical or mental sacrifice of the cats living with us. Thus, we work everyday to:

  • avoid overpopulation and stressing environment
  • multiplying spatial, temporal and material resources available to the cats
  • monitor the mood of the group and fixing it as soon as possible in case of tensions (unavoidable in groups of cats)
  • keep a high level of hygiene
  • provide to all of them the accessibility to a secure outrun so that they can exploit all their species-specific needs.

In order to fix this goals, we have established some priorities in our breeding program:

  • kittens are raised for temperament and health, first: the only selection of show cats is not our first goal because what we’d like to see in a Morgan’s Place kitten most is a lovely temperament and a much strong health as possible. We breed in a great respect of the standard trying to improve the morphology but shows are not our inspiring goal
  • keeping or not a cat into our breeding program depends on:
    • health issues: we exclude from the program cats exhibiting health problems that could be transmitted to the offspring
    • behavioral issues: we exclude from the program aggressive, nervous or anxious cats
    • sociality issues: we exclude from the program sociopathic, behaviorally altered cats or with a poor inter and/or intra-specific socialization
  • each mating include the evaluation of the issues above with respect to the parents and by taking into account the phisical condition of the mom and her mental maturity
  • each mating is thought to keep low the COI
  • our cats attend the shows only if they exhibit a good degree of tolerance to the event: we do not like to show stressed or fearful cats

The kittens

If you want to know our philosophy in terms of kittens availability access the Morgan’s Place kittens page.