Our breeding goals

Cucciolata-Litter C, 48 giorni // 48 days

By all this time, we have focused our main breeding goals: health is the first one and we want to contribute to improve the breed by having healthy kittens, i.e. kittens coming out of lines that have been tested for as many generations as possible. As a consequence, all our cats are FIV/FeLV-HCM (Genetic test and echo-screenings)-PKD screened and the matings are selected in order to minimize strict blood-relationships. We are a closed cattery and only offer outside stud service to breeders we know personally and work with.

Temperament is the second, important goal of Morgan’s Place: our adults and kittens are raised following the zooanthropology’s principles and kittens’ socialization is the activity we care most, being aware that a friendly, handly, lovely and sweet kitten is the result of a process that have to begin since the first weeks of age. Since such process requires time and, first of all, devotion to each kitten, we avoid to have more than one litter at a time, in order to concentrate ourself on each kitten at best and we allow the whole litter to live and grow around us, sharing with us and with the other adult cats the whole space of our home.

For the same reason, we have only few cats with us: being our selection based on quality rather than quantity, we are pretty sure that is more important to choose with care few cats – the right ones – to take care of at best, rather than having many cats but not the time to deal excellently with all of them and with their offspring.

The third goal of Morgan’s Place is a selection according to the breed standard, and we prefer a wild look, severe expressions and Earth colors for the coat (brown, tortie, red, black with and without white, with or without dilution).