Sonia & Salvo

Owining a cat is a lot like being
an american tourist in a fancy
French restaurant – you will
be overcharged, you will likely
be insulted, but, to you,
it’s worth it.
—Roger Carras

We started to breed Maine Coons in February 2005, when our first black tortie Maine Coon girl, Kleopatra, met our family. We frequently brought her to shows, where we met many Maine Coons breeders and knew better and better this wonderful breed. Thanks to our scientific education, we started to study color transmission and hereditary disease related genetics.

Morgan, giugno 2007

On March 2007, we moved in a big house provided with a nice 100mq garden, in the lovely town of Ponsacco, in the province of Pisa, and our cats are now allowed to freely and safely run under the sky, jump up and down the trees and take the sun in the sweet italian summer days.

You can know more about us by reading our breeding philosophy and you have below two short biographies of ours:

About SoniaPhoto: M. Bartoletti & T. Cimoli
Sonia : I was born in St. Gallen (North East of Switzerland) 30 years ago and after having gotten my PhD degree in Computer Science (2005) I work nowadays at the University of Pisa as young researcher. I extended my interests from computers to genetics as soon as I felt in love with Maine Coons, althought I’ve been a cat fancier since I was born: running down the streets behind cats hoping to cuddle them is one of my first childhood memory!

Salvo : I was born in Ragusa (Sicily, Italy) 30 years ago. I shared with Sonia the PhD experience and nowdays I work at the University of Pisa as young researcher, too. I matched my interest in cats with my education by creating Morgan’s Place web site and managing it is still one of my favourite hobbies (after cuddling and playing with our cats, obviously!!)
About Salvo
Photo: F. Spadafora

We often attend FIFè expositions where we try to give our contribution by offering ourself as stuwarts. These are the expositions were we worked at:

Salvo’s stuwart exploitations:

Place Date Judge
Modena 03 Sept 2005 Buoli
Modena 04 Sept 2005 Preis
Orvieto 17 Sept 2005 Wieland-Schilla
Orvieto 18 Sept 2005 Wieland-Schilla
Florence 01 Oct 2005 Kaae
Florence 01 Oct 2005 Kaae
FIFè World Show 12-13 Nov 2005 Saaetre
Pietra Ligure 03 Dec 2005 Ottino
Pietra Ligure 03 Dec 2005 Ottino
Prato 03 Feb 2006 Shchukin
Prato 04 Feb 2006 Shchukin
La Spezia 04 Mar 2006 Mantovani
La Spezia 05 Mar 2006 Mantovani
Parma 02 Sept 2006 Roca Folch
Parma 03 Sept 2006 Roca Folch
Pistoia 04 Nov 2006 Bruin
Pistoia 05 Nov 2006 Bruin
Chivasso 03 Feb 2007 Jensen
Chivasso 04 Feb 2007 Jensen
Pisa 15 Sept 2007 Roca Folch
Pisa 16 Sept 2007 Roca Folch
Firenze 3 Nov 2007 Chief-stewart, Shchukin
Firenze 4 Nov 2007 Chief-stewart, Rejers

Sonia’s stuwart exploitations:

Place Date Judge
Prato 03 Feb 2006 Mantovani
Prato 04 Feb 2006 Mantovani