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Where we are

Morgan’s Place is located in Pisa, that is easly reachable from all the greatest italian cities (Florence, Naples, Bologna, Milan,...) by train, by plane and by car.

How to reach Pisa by train

Pisa is easily reachable from all the main station of Florence, Rome, Genova/Milan. Depending on your starting point, you will probably change train in one of such rail-stations in order to directly reach Pisa.
For any further detail, see the national railway official site

How to reach Pisa by plane

From Galielo Galilei airport (the greatest airport in Tuscany) several flights (by different air companies) leave from and land to Pisa.
For any further detail, see the Galileo Galilei airport site.
In order to reach the center of Pisa, you can easily and cheaply take bus number 13 (1 euro a one-way run lasting 1 hour) or a taxi (more or less 10 euros to the center).

How to reach Pisa by car

In order to reach Pisa by car you have several alternatives: if you arrive from the north of Italy (through Bologna and Florence) you can take the highway A11 from Florence and exit at Pisa Nord; alternatively you can take the FI-PI-LI (a high traffic capacity road) and exit at Pisa Nord-Est. If you arrive from the south of Italy or from North-West of Italy or from France, you can reach Pisa by menas of highway A12, then change to the A11 and exit Pisa Nord.
For any further detail, you can create your map here