As adults....

In this page we will show how some of our kittens have grown since now. A WARM “THANKS” goes to all the owners that friendly sent us these pictures and still keep in sending us new ones!!
Merlino, 1,5 anni
Merlino (1 year and half, Litter A)

Merlino’s teeth!!!!! (1 year and half, Litter A)
Mediterranea, 14 mesi // 14 months
Mediterranea (14 months, Litter B)
Matisse, 10 mesi // 10 months
Matisse (10 months, Litter A)
Matilda, 2 anni circa
Matilda (22 months, Litter A)
Moussaka, 6 mesi e mezzo // 6 months and half
Moussaka (6 months and half, Litter B)
Mythos, 10 mesi!!
Mythos (10 months, Litter B)
Nashville, 11 mesi // 11 months
Nashville (11 months, Litter C)
Niagara, 10 mesi // 10 months
Niagara (10 months, Litter C)

Niagara (13 months, Cucciolata C) with his homemate Giuliano

North By Northest (14 months, Cucciolata C)

Ultimate Desire (14 months, Cucciolata D)