Maine Coon's temperament

Everything moves,
serves to interest and amuse a cat.
It believes that all nature
is buysing herself with
his diversion.
It cannot conceive
of any other aim in the universe.
(author)—F.A. Paradis de Moncrif

The Maine Coon is an extremely balanced, playful and curious cat even at older age.

He is also very friendly with other cats and dogs even if he keeps a preference for the “human” game; he is a calm and patient cat, never aggressive, and for this reason he is capable of living close to your children.

Morgan and Kleo sleeping

With respect to his human friend he is extremely affectionate, he often purrs around him and establishes a relationship of deep confidence. He is constantly around him and he likes to play with him and to be involved in the family life as any other member.

Kleo & Games

The Maine Coon is a cat that could love to have trips together with his family, having a collar on him.
He grows quite slowly (ending between 3 and 4 years), thus he could appear quite awkward, specially when he is a kitten.
He seems ignoring where to keep the long and strong legs that the Mother Nature has given to him and this characteristic ensures a further vein of tenderness and funniness.

A player!

His great paws have an incredible prensile ability. In fact, it won’t be difficult to see a Maine Coon carring to the mouth a game he has raised from the floor with both front paws.