Escape's Kingstone Wall

Cats have a well defined personality e needings we must take into account to live in harmony with them. They are not dolls, they are very complex, even more complex then nuclear physics.
—Roberto Marchesini

King comes from Finland and I picked up him in a cold and snowy day at the end of January. Welcom him in our family has been a heart-related decision: he belongs to lines I’ve ever loved and admired, a color I like very much and a clearly defined pattern, together with a sweet, sociable temperament with everybody provides him some legs on which he could rest.

Color: Brown tabby blotched
Date of birth: 9th October 2008
Breeder: Hiltunen (Escape’s)
Genotype: A- B- oo Dd TbTb ww ss ii
Test: to be done and N/N to MyPBC3
Pedegree: see the Pawpeds Database

Escape Kingstone Wall
King, 5 months

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