Morgan and the kittens

Morgan, Medea, Moussaka

What can you expect from a calm, discreet, lazy, and habitual cat whose home (the most liked cat-tree, the softer pillow, the widest dishes and numbers of toys) is invaded by a storm of kittens that grow day by day and meow and break the quite household atmosphere?

Self-regard and dignity.

This seems to be the recurrent idea of Morgan’s head, by judging from his behavior.

Morgan & Matisse

The presence of the kittens doesn’t touch him at all, sometimes he go for a walk in their room, ignoring their tentative to fight against him and he possibly steals a toy for some minutes.

It seems that the kittens’ frenetic activity evokes Morgan’s childhood, since he starts running behind balls and toys that, eventually, he loose!

But… Morgan The Self-regarding cat, doesn’t know what to do with his own pride when he is missing us, when our attentions devoted are to the kittens and only few to him. Then, Morgan silently approaches to our feet and looks at us, asking for a thought and as soon as we touch his head, he completely give up in our harms. Unaware about how much he represents the soul of our home.