Morgan and Mr. Spock

Morgan & Spock

I would like to say that Morgan and Spock like each other but, actually, it’s not exactly what happens. Morgan, the king of our home, a 5,5kg cat, is a very calm creature but he doesn’t like to debate his supremacy with no one! Instead, this new lively, furry kitten challenge him, chases him, bits his tail, attack him just during his sweet rest…

Morgan & Spock

The way Morgan looks at Mr. Spock after the first warning paw is extremely explicative, despite Spock doesn’t often understand its meaning… Ingenuity or overbearing? Who knows… for sure, we predict hard days for the calmest, the oldest and most authoritarian cat of Morgan’s Place!

Besides, Morgan is missing something….

He is missing how much this kitten looks like him, because of the same

Morgan & Spock tabbies on their backbone, the very special passion for carbon boxes into which they love to rest, the greedy for catnip, for multivitaminic paste, and the mania for pushing down with a paw whatever I imprudently forget on a table!

Thus… Spock is demonstrating he will be a worthy representative, in Maine Coon version, of Morgan. And in Italy we say “Chi s’assomiglia, si piglia” (that is two very similar persons will meet each other, sooner or later… )

Morgan & Spock