Morgan and Yasmeen

To us, the first time that Morgan met Yasmeen, a miracle happened.

We already knew how tolerant Morgan can be, as well as how a cat, as the time goes on, could become less available in accepting changes in his life and in his territory.

Morgan & Yasmeen

Instead, at their first contact, Morgan and Yasmeen sniffed their noise each other, look reciprocally at their eyes and continued to live their life. Since that moment, we never have had aggressive behaviors between them, nor a growl or a scratch. I couldn’t believe it if I haven’t seen it!

Morgan doesn’t have with Yasmeen the same symbioptic relationship he did with Kleopatra but Yasmeen is for sure a very nice friend to play and to run with, specially
when Kleopatra doesn’t like to be involved: Yasmeen is a smart lady, she likes to be chased, to cry for beign catched, to run away and to come back for starting again the game. And Morgan is easily available for long runs.

Their relationship seems to break in just a case:

Morgan 2 anni // Morgan, 2 years old

when our little Yasmeen (little in age but giant in personality) rests on Morgan’s favourite pillow, when she sit on the most panoramic position in the balcony or, at night time, when she sleeps close to us on the bed. These are all “strategic” positions completely owned by Morgan, until yesterday.

Anyway, sweet heart Morgan, doesn’t seem to be hurted by those little feline “usurpation” and this fact, once again, reveal us the calm and extremely nice nature of the sweet and giant mistery deeply kept in his eyes.