Morgan and Micene

Micene is Kleopatra’s daughter.
And Morgan knows it.

Morgan, 13 giugno 2007

Since she was a baby, Morgan has been given us the feeling that he is transferring somehow love and complicity shared with Kleopatra, to Micene. In fact, it’s not really unsual to find them while Morgan is lovely licking Micene’s head with preciuous care, cleaning the ears, the neck, the top of the head and grabbing her if she tries to move.

The nicer situations we have occur when, in the middle of our home’s calmness, suddenly we hear that an army of Barbarians is arriving clopping on the floor and we, few seconds later, we see Micene’s long and tin shape followed by our heavy and strong Morgan! Generally, the run stops with Micene gaining the higher position of the cat-tree and Morgan on the floor while he’s thinking “Come on! If you come down I’ll catch you!“.

All these are rather special moments for us who have seen growing Morgan and Kleopatra because the feeling always is to see again them when they were the only two our babies and played together in a 35mq flat (our first flat!) and we apart admiring them. A long time has gone but the emotions we feel thanks to these creatures, still last and they will renew with the upcoming generations.