Who is Morgan

Morgan’s heart is a casket
full of precious treasures
severely held;
finding the key
is his more beautiful and
fascinating mystery

Morgan, june 2007

The advertisement claimed

“Two beautiful kittens norwegian forest-like available, already weaned”

We didn’t have a clue about what a novergesian forest looks like, but having a little fluffy kitten with us immediately sounded irresistible.

On the 4th of September a semi long-haired mongrel feline tiger with an extremely long tale and dense lynx typs on his ears, crossed the threshold of our door.

The Shawshank Redemption movie

We named him Morgan, to honour Morgan Freeman in one of his best movie The Shawshank Redemption (other available choices were Andrew or Dufresne, after the movie protagonist, but they did sound quite inappropriate!).

Morgan’s story is the same as the one of many stray cats that everyone can find along dangerous edge of the road, picked up by loving people in order to provide them a first health assistance and, by advertisements or similar, a new lovely family.
But, in our case, nobody knew that Morgan was giving us a new family!