Morgan and us

In our home, Morgan is a discrete and silent presence, hiding besides two great round wide open eyes a lady-killer!
Every one that knows him, immediately falls in love with his special eyes, so that we call him latin-lover (even if he had been neutered at the age of 6 months)!

Morgan in primo piano

That’s because of his soft and clean fur? ‘Cause of his very long black tail? The dense lynx typs on his ears? Or, simply, because of his sweet eyes? Nobody knows… Morgan’s heart, as a pirate’s casket, seems to hide magic secrets and nobody can escape from his magnetic charm.

Fussy with cleanness and great lover of baskets into which he can feel tight (in particular, he loves cardboard boxes!), gourmand of raw meat and fresh cheese, Morgan is a very shy cat and fearful of strangers. By sure, this aspect of his sociality has been influenced by the total absence of interaction with humans during his first three months of life. For this reason, every day we try to provide him all our love as well as our respect for his shy nature, by creating around him a free and calm environment into which he can completely be at his ease.

From his side, Morgan returns our love with sudden acts of tenderness and strokes and a night doesn’t exist in which he sleeps far from the current writer’s legs..