Morgan and Maine Coons

I don’t know a thing about cats.
I know everything else, including life
and its archipelago seas
and unpredictable cities, plant life,
the pistil and its scandals…
and priest’s blue atavism.
But cats I can’t figure out.
My mind slides on their indifference.
Their eyes hold ciphers of gold.
—Pablo Neruda

After Morgan’s arrival, we got more and more interested in discovering which breeds could appear in his genealogy causing his semi long-haired appearence. Thus, we started to study cat breeds and, as a consequence, to attend our first feline exposition as visitors. Many pictures on books and web sites later, the exposition gave us the possibility to admire a Maine Coon cat for the first time by real and we concluded that neither description nor picture exists able to show the majesty, the elegance and the respect that this magnificent feline with a sweet temperament can transmit.

Morgan, 6 mesi // Morgan 6  months

Along this time, we have learnt that Maine Coon not only means “great cat” but also lovely and playful temperament, surprising ability in adapting himself, affection for the human friends and ease of living together with other cats or pets. A very special cat!