Morgan and the sun

Bagni di sole // Suntunning time

If Morgan was an human, he would be crazy for suntanning and on winter season he would have artificial tanning once a week, making reach the owners of beauty centers!
Morgan’s relationship with the sun, in fact, is something that every day amazes us.

All'ombra // In the shadow

On winter time, our little friend takes advantage of every lukewarm ray of sun for sleeping outside and he stays until twilight. Instead, on summer he has brief and frequent exposures to the sun, while the rest of his time is spent outside but in the shadow.

Morgan arruffato dal sole // Morgan ruffled by the sun

The funny aspect is the “electric” effect that the rays have on his fur, since it appears ruffled and neglected: – Look at you! -, I always tell him – if somebody saw you, he probably would say that I don’t take care of you at all!-.