I* CH Morgan's Place Mascalzone Felino

Who invented
cats could get
away with
getting all the
rest wrong.
—Mario Migliaccio

Mascalzone has been the typical “irrenounceable” kitten of his litter (Litter B). The differences between him and his brothers and sisters were so enunciated that, at birth time, we immediately realized his potentialities but keeping a second male was not properly in our plans…
Nowadays, we are very happy to have changed our mind because Mascalzone is demonstrating an optimal type (long and very squared muzzle, firm chin, big and well-setted ears, strong body and a silky texture) as well as a wonderful temperament, playfull, lovely (he likes to kiss our cheek as soon as he weaks up!) and very friendly. We are really very proud of him and have great expectations about him…

Mascalzone carries the tabby blotched and the dilution gene.

Mascalzone Felino, 20 mesi // 20 months
Mascalzone Felino, 20 months

Color: Black
Date of Birth: 19th October 2006
Breeder: Campa-Rinzivillo (born at Morgan’s Place)
Genotype: aa BB oo Dd TbTb ww ss ii
Test: HCM-PKD free up to 23rd Nov 2007, H.D. t.b.d.
Pedegree: see the Pawpeds Database

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