I* IC Diamondcoon Kleopatra of Morgan's Place

In my house lives a cat who
is a curmudgeon and cantankerous,
a cat who is charming and convivial,
and a cat who is combative
and commendable.
And yet I have but one cat.
—Dave Edwards

Kleopatra arrived at Morgan’s Place on March 2005. She is exuberant, lively, playful but also affectionate and extremely talkative!
We are very proud of her low inbreeding coefficient and we try to preserve it by carefully selecting her matings.
Kleopatra carries diluition and non-agouti.

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Diamondcoon Kleopatra, 3 years and half

Color: Black Torbie
Date of Birth: 13th November 2004
Breeder: Simona Cannataro (DiamondCoon)
Genotype: Aa BB Oo Dd TbTb ww ss ii
Test: Negative to FIV-FELV (August 2005, January 2007), HCM e PKD (December 2005 and March 2007)
Pedegree: see the Pawpeds Database

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  • 3rd Maine Coon at the Kitten National Championship 2005
  • 18th in the absolute ranking for all breed at the Kitten National Championship 2005
Quando Dove Cl. Da Chi Cosa
13/02/2005 Busto Arsizio 12 Ottino Ex1 Nom.
26/02/2005 Verona 12 Kaae Ex1 BIV
12/03/2005 Cecina 12 Mantovani Ex1 Nom.
13/03/2005 Cecina 12 Anciau Ex1 Nom.
27/03/2005 Bologna 12 Voehringer Ex1 Nom. BOS
28/03/2005 Bologna 12 Mahelkova Ex1 Nom. BIS BOB 4
16/04/2005 Suzzara 12 Comorio Ex1
17/04/2005 Suzzara 12 Britt Stein Ex1
30/04/2005 Treviso 12 Kowalczuk Ex1 Nom. BOS
01/05/2005 Treviso 12 Blyte Ex1 Nom. BOS
11/06/2005 Biassono 11 Selassa Ex1
03/09/2005 Modena 11 Voehringer Ex1
04/09/2005 Modena 11 Sanda Ex1
17/09/2005 Orvieto 9 Mantovani CAC
18/09/2005 Orvieto 9 Bruin CAC
01/10/2005 Firenze 9 Comorio CAC
02/10/2005 Firenze 7 Kowalczuk CACIB
05/11/2005 Monaco - Montecarlo 7 Ottino CACIB
06/11/2005 Monaco - Montecarlo 7 Kowalczuk CACIB
12/11/2005 Biella (WorldShow) 5 Calmes Ex3
03/12/2005 Pietra Ligure 5 Klein CAGCIB
04/12/2005 Pietra Ligure 5 Ottino CAGCIB